Technical Art of Uncharted 4


Production Session

Wednesday, 27 July, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm, Anaheim Convention Center, Ballroom B




This talk presents a handful of rendering and shader features created by the technical artists at Naughty Dog.  Some of these features are novel, some are an evolution of common concepts, but all are critical to achieving the look and scope of Uncharted 4.  Rendering features discussed include HDR Color LUTs, Mip Fog, BRDF Micro Shadowing, Moss Shading, Wetness Shading, and Glass Shading.  We also present various applications of Procedural Vertex Shader Processing: Global Pivot-Based Wind System, Character Interaction, Particle-Driven Interaction, Hair Animation, Hair Gravity, Cloth Animation, Morph Target Wind, StepMorph, Skinned Morph Targets, Pivot Billobards, Keyframed Shader Animation, and Ambient Shader Animations.


Waylon Brinck is the Technical Art Director at Naughty Dog, specializing in rendering, shading, lighting, optimization, and generally anything it takes to give the team the tools and features it needs.  Previously he worked at Epic Games/People Can Fly, Electronic Arts, and Guild Software.

Andrew Maximov is the Lead Technical Artist at Naughty Dog. Develop Magazine's 30 Under 30, with numerous awards, publications and extensive education experience he is working with all departments to give an edge to our art technology, specializing in chest hair simulation and all the other things that usually come with making an interactive experience.


(Updated: August 6th, 2016)

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